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Yoga Therapy is the process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and well-being through the application of the philosophy and practice of Yoga.

~ International Association of Yoga Therapists

Your specific health and wellness needs are addressed through the personal in-depth instruction of Yoga Therapy. In a private, therapeutic setting, the practitioner gently guides you through the postures and practices that address your health issues. . . your body. . . your abilities.

Certified Yoga Therapist Theresa Conroy provides Yoga Therapy to help you cope with stress, injuries, musculoskeletal pain, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, heart disease, addiction, and symptoms of neuromuscular and neurological movement disorders. She also specializes in working with yoga teachers and longtime practitioners encountering pain or restrictions in their yoga practice.

Weekend and weekday appointments available.

Please read our cancellation policy: We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you cancel a private Yoga Therapy session with fewer than 24 hours notice or fail to show up, you will be required to pay in advance for future sessions. Please let us know as soon as possible if you have a sudden illness or emergency. 


Full Postural Assessment & Personal Yoga Program
During this 75-90 minute session, Theresa will perform a complete postural assessment that includes a health and lifestyle history and an analysis of posture, structure, muscular imbalances, habits, restrictions and weaknesses. After the analysis, you will learn the specific yoga poses, stretches, strengthening maneuvers and release techniques to help you bring your body back into balance and relieve pain and instability. After the initial session, you will receive a personalized yoga program to follow at home.

Follow-up visits
In this one-hour session, Theresa will review your yoga program with you and assess any changes or issues that have arisen during your home practice.

1-hour Yoga Therapy Sessions
These sessions are designed for those who have had previous postural assessments, or those seeking a more focused instruction on a specific issue. (i.e.: continuing with a yoga practice while nursing a broken bone, managing symptoms of disease or medical treatment, etc. . .) These sessions are offered in our Roxborough studio or, with limited availability, in your home.

Yoga Therapy Programs
These intense, four-week programs can be taken with a group or individually. Over the course of the program, you will receive personal attention and instruction designed to address your specific needs and the issue you want to address. Through intensive, individual work and group processing, you will build confidence in your ability to manage and–perhaps–even overcome the physical or emotional issues that are standing in the way of your health and happiness.

These packages can be taken privately and modified to fit your needs.

Adaptive Yoga for Disabilities
Theresa is also trained to teach adaptive sessions for those whose restrictions make it difficult to practice in a traditional yoga class. Chair and wheelchair yoga is available. Theresa offers private, semi-private or small group classes in this style. For more information on Adaptive Yoga click here.

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy
This type of yoga therapy is a structured program in which Theresa uses assisted yoga postures and dialogue to facilitate deep mind-body awareness. Phoenix Rising is especially powerful for anxiety, depression and emotional release. Each session is 60 minutes. Theresa works with individuals and couples/partners. Click here to learn more about Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy.

Yoga Therapy Clinic sessions
We open our studio on Saturday afternoons for clients seeking a more affordable, faster service. By visiting our clinic, you will participate in an intake assessment, learn easy-to-follow yoga practices to help manage your pain or condition, and walk away with a plan of action. For more information, please visit our clinic page.

Not sure what type of yoga therapy is right for you?
Email Theresa to set up a free phone consultation.


Private Yoga Therapy: 
-Postural Assessment & personal yoga program      $160

1 hr in studio: $90

1 hr semi-private: $120

1 hr in home: $125 (limited availability)

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy:  $100 for 60 minutes

Private Yoga Therapy Programs: Contact Theresa for pricing

Yoga Therapy Clinic Assessment: $45

30 minute in-studio private: $45