Yoga For PD Fall Session


Yoga Therapist Theresa Conroy has dedicated most of her private therapeutic practice to working with individuals living with Parkinson’s Disease. She has used her expertise to develop a special group class, which meets in 10-week sessions three times during the year, and to work with individuals in their home or in her studio.Group classes begin in September, January and April. For information about private instruction, email Theresa or call the studio at 215-792-5400.

Yoga Teachers interested in learning to teach Yoga for Parkinson’s Disease are invited to attend our weekend, CEU training. Our next Yoga for Special Populations Teacher Training is scheduled for November, 2015.


With Yoga Therapist Theresa Conroy
10 Thursdays
October 27 — December 15, 2016
10 – 11 a.m.


This group class is specially designed to address the symptoms and challenges of Parkinson’s Disease. Using the movements, postures, breathing and relaxation techniques of yoga, participants master the methods that can help them move with more ease, feel more flexible and confident, improve balance and coordination and help manage non-motor symptoms such as depression and anxiety.

This class is supported by a grant from The Parkinson Council. Please support their efforts to improve the lives of those living with Parkinson’s Disease.

Please note: These classes are sold in session packages. We cannot offer refunds on individual missed classes during the session.


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