Open Your Heart for Spring

Tap into the expansive nature of spring, with this gentle exploration of the heart space.
Our heart space is the center of our being, where our true desires and callings can be heard. This workshop is an exploration of the physical heart space (through the upper back, shoulders, neck, and arms) and an invitation to listen to the calling of the heart.
We’ll begin with a guided meditation and chanting of the seed sounds of the heart Chakra, preparing to listen to any messages the heart has to deliver. We’ll move through a gentle breath guided practice designed to open and soothe the energy centers of the front and back of the heart, and unwinding the neck and shoulders, followed by pranayama (breath control) to balance the nervous system, and end with a guided relaxation.
Sunday, March 19, 2017
This workshop is led by Certified Yoga Therapist Blakey Elkhart.
Pre-registration required.

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