Holistic Yoga Series


This four-week series, with Certified Yoga Therapist Blakey Elkhart, is Yoga for your whole being.

The muscles and bones body hold our emotional memory and stress as much as the mind does. Through meditation, pranayama and mindful movement, you will learn to bring awareness to and release held emotions and stress from the body.

Through this heart-opening series, you will gain the muscular flexibility to cultivate resilience in the spirit. Find the proven method to gain the strength and confidence in your body to move through life with more comfort and ease.

Beginners welcome. Pre-registration required.

4 Sundays

Jan. 8-29, 2017



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About the instructor: Blakey’s mother took her to her first yoga class in 1987. She kept returning to her mat. In 2006, she came back to deepen her recovery from drug addiction and improve her health. In the last 10 years, the spiritual practices of the 12 steps and yoga had interwoven to create a way of life for her. Through the practices, Blakey has come to believe that the body is a communicator, a barometer and assistant to the spiritual condition. Her teaching is guided by lightheartedness, a down-to-earth attitude, and the hope that students will experience the power and comfort of their own true selves.

Note: Cancellation required a week before sessions begin. No refunds to missed classes.

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