Emotional Yoga: A Journey into Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

Sunday, August 28
1-3 p.m.
Have you ever felt a shift, release, or sudden welling of emotion during Yoga class? Do you have a growing suspicion that a mind-body connection can help you navigate a transition, heal old wounds, or address physical pain in a more informed way? Do you need to make a change, feel stuck or want to break old habits, behaviors and beliefs? Are you ready to let go of something that is standing in the way of your happiness?
Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy will help.
During this two-hour workshop, you will be introduced to the powerful methods Phoenix Rising uses to guide participants toward creating and nurturing a brilliant, centered life. You will experience a Phoenix Rising-inspired group Yoga class that emphasizes body wisdom and awareness. You also will participate–privately and with others–in practices that highlight how the wisdom of your body can inspire your impressions and decisions.
This workshop will begin the journey of refining your life and moving toward profound change. Whether you are navigating through a lifestyle transition or simply seeking more clarity, this workshop will show you what is possible. You will leave with insights to foster personal growth–and a concrete action step to┬ábring those insights into your life.
Pre-registration required. Attendees of this workshop who sign up for a package of two private Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy sessions, will also receive an additional 20-minute online or phone session to help integrate the work into daily life.

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